What DOESN’T Homeowners Insurance Cover?

There’s no doubt that homeowners insurance is indeed a necessity. In fact, if you have a mortgage, it’s probably a requirement. However, homeowners insurance will not cover any and everything that could affect your home. As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with situations and circumstances where your homeowners’ insurance may not provide coverage. 

What Does Homeowners Insurance Typically Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance usually covers destruction to the inside and outside of your home. It also covers theft and the loss of your possessions, as well as personal liability for injury to others when they are on your property. Homeowner’s insurance coverage usually includes cash value, replacement cost, and the extended replacement cost to replace or repair something. 

Homeowners Insurance Typically Won’t Cover

As a homeowner, your insurance won’t usually cover termite damage or damage caused by bird or rodent damage. It doesn’t cover the normal wear and tear of your home or damage caused by smoke or other agricultural operations or situations. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t always cover flood damage or flooding. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase flood insurance separately. Also, poorly made or defective items aren’t covered as well. Typically, homeowners shouldn’t expect their insurance policy to cover damage caused by combined stormwater or raw sewage pipelines. Damage caused by expansive tree roots and outdated sewer systems isn’t usually covered either.  Our team of agents at Higgins & Halloran of Columbia SC are committed to helping homeowners understand what their homeowner’s insurance will and won’t cover. We understand that under some circumstances, additional insurance coverage may be needed. However, we are committed to helping homeowners develop a fundamental understanding of homeowners insurance. Give us a call. We’re standing by.

What factors should I think about when choosing a new life insurance policy?

Those in the Columbia, SC area will always have insurance needs that should be taken seriously. One form of insurance that many people should consider getting is life insurance. Various factors need to be considered as you are shopping for life insurance in this area.

Amount of Life Insurance Coverage

One of the most important factors to consider is the amount of coverage you will receive. Your life insurance plan should provide financial protection so your dependents can reasonably meet their future financial needs. This can include ensuring that living costs, higher education, and even future retirement needs are met. You can offset their total future expenses by other savings and investments that you have to determine the level of coverage that you should obtain in your next policy. 

Type of Plan

You should also carefully consider the type of policy that you should choose. There are multiple options available, the most common of which are term and whole life. With your whole life, you can have coverage for the rest of your life and enjoy an investment benefit. With term life, you will only have coverage for a specific period of time and not investment benefits, but your monthly payments will be less. 

If you are looking for a new life insurance plan and are in the Columbia, SC area, it would be helpful to call Higgins & Halloran. There continue to be many factors to consider when choosing a life insurance plan, and Higgins & Halloran can make the process easier for you. The team can help you evaluate all of your needs and give the support needed to build a plan that will offer ideal coverage.

Should You Add Your Teenager to Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Is your child a teen who has only recently begun to drive? Whether they only have a permit or they’ve received their license, you should look into if it’s ideal to have them placed on your automobile insurance. Higgins & Halloran of the greater Columbia, SC area can help get this setup.

Requirements in Colorado

If you live in South Carolina and have a teen who’s a licensed driver (or who has a permit) and lives at home, you’ll need to add them to your insurance policy if they haven’t gotten insurance of their own. This is also the case if they’re not the primary driver. It can be less expensive than getting them their own policy, but it may increase your rates.

Independence with Auto Insurance

Does your teen work and drive a great deal? If this is the case, it makes more sense to get an auto insurance policy just for them. They can build up experience driving independently and earn lower rates overtime when they do this.

Even if your teen is technically an adult, it’s a good idea to help them get their policy. You might bring your teenager to a local agency to speak to a representative who will discuss their insurance needs and look out for better rates and what extras might be ideal.

Higgins & Halloran serves the Columbia, SC area when it comes to auto insurance and more. You’ll feel more confident getting auto insurance for your teen, whether it’s on your policy or one of their very own when you have a reputable agent on your side to assist with the process. Contact us right away for more information on your first step.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Nearly everyone has some insurance, from auto and homeowners’ policies to insurance for their business, but is it enough? If you want to ensure you and your investments are fully protected, you can achieve that by purchasing an extra policy called an umbrella insurance policy.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of policy that provides an added layer of protection through extra insurance coverage that provides coverage beyond the limitations of your current coverage. From extra property insurance and auto crash injuries to several types of lawsuits that regular insurance policies may not cover, umbrella insurance offers the peace of mind you deserve and need. Umbrella insurance provides extra coverage and additional coverage options. It can even cover claims that involve slander, libel, a false arrest, and even more liability coverage for other things you may own, such as rental housing units or garages.

Types of Umbrella Insurance Coverage Options

Umbrella insurance will provide coverage for you and your family members if a lawsuit occurs. For example, a visitor to your home falls down the stairs and breaks their leg. Your homeowners’ insurance will help cover the person’s medical bills, but if they decide to sue you for additional compensation, your homeowners’ insurance may not be enough to cover a judgment against you. That is where an umbrella policy becomes very helpful as it can cover the lawsuit and resulting damages against you.

An umbrella policy will also cover you if someone sues you for defamation of character due to libel or slander. It can also cover the costs associated with false imprisonment, and if you are a landlord, an umbrella policy can assist in covering your liability as a landlord if a tenant files a lawsuit.

Get a Quote Today

To determine if you need umbrella insurance and create a policy that works best for you and your situation, call upon the umbrella insurance agents at Higgins & Halloran in Columbia, SC today for a quote and get your policy started.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance is an investment for your house. When you have purchased your first home and have taken out a loan for it, your home will be something you will want to protect and defend. One of the best ways to do that is through a home insurance policy. The agents and staff at Higgins & Halloran in Columbia, SC understand the importance of having the correct insurance policy to keep your home safe and sound.

What is Home Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Home insurance is a type of coverage that will replace your home or help pay for the necessary repairs to it if a fire, vandalism, or damage, such as a tornado or windstorm, occurs. You never know what life will throw at you, so it is better to be safe than sorry. A home insurance policy will also cover your belongings, including your furniture and appliances, if one of these situations occurs or if your home is broken into and items are stolen or damaged.

Home insurance will also cover the medical bills and lost wages of a guest to your home who is injured due to some mishap. For example, if someone falls down the stairs of your front porch as they are leaving and they break their arm, your home insurance policy will cover their medical bills and hopefully will allow you to not only avoid a lawsuit but keep the friendship.

Other Coverages of Home Insurance

Normally, your home insurance policy will also cover outbuildings on your property, including your garage and shed, if there is a natural disaster, fire, theft, or vandalism.

If your home were purchased by borrowing the money from a bank, mortgage company, or another lender, you would be required to have home insurance. Even if your home is free and clear, you will want to protect it by obtaining a basic home insurance policy. There are also many other add-ons or policies you can obtain for your home and property, but you can make those decisions with an experienced home insurance agent.

To obtain a home insurance policy in Columbia, SC, call upon the agents at Higgins & Halloran today to get your policy underway. Also, try our online rating tool for a quote from home.