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Personal Insurance(Auto and Home)

At Higgins and Halloran, making sure you are not paying too much for anything is something we are very serious about. In your meetings with our team members, we will encourage you to look closely at your monthly spending habits to make sure you are getting the best deals available to you. One area where we can greatly assist you in this endeavor is with your personal insurance.

Home and Auto insurance today is really about one thing: PRICE. Most policies are identical, thanks to uniform requirements put in place by state insurance departments. However, it is true that some policies have more bells and whistles than others. It also true that some policies have more in-depth coverage than others. But who has time to search for the best policies for you and your family? WE DO.

We will search the marketplace and find the best deals for you. Interested in bundling services? We can do that too…IF it is in your best interest. Sometimes it isn’t. That’s right…bundling your home and auto insurance is not always in your best interest. Just because some ad on television makes it sound like bundling is a “no-brainer” doesn’t mean it’s true. But how will you ever know this? You won’t. We will. Let us find the best policies for you so you can free up your time doing other things…like enjoying time with your family.

Remember…we are here to serve you.

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