At Higgins and Halloran in Columbia, SC, we have a simple mission statement:

We are here to serve our clients from South Carolina and beyond.

That’s it. Nothing more. No fancy statements of belief, no superfluous words to impress you, just a very simple mantra…

We are here to serve our clients.

Just how do we do this?

We use a very simple, step by step plan that starts with organizing your financial life, getting rid of debt, and ultimately building wealth. Our ten-step plan is noted below:

Our 10 Steps to Wealth

  1. Purchase Life Insurance to take care of your family
  2. Hire an attorney to do your Last Will and Testament, Financial Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney
  3. Create a 90-day snapshot of your previous three months spending that becomes the foundation for your written budget
  4. Establish an Emergency Fund with $1000
  5. Eliminate all your debt except your mortgage
  6. Grow your Emergency Fund to 3-6 months of your living expenses
  7. Save a minimum of 15% to retirement accounts
  8. Make extra principal payments on your home
  9. Fund college accounts for children
  10. Build wealth

This may seem like a daunting task…truth is some folks are able to do this all on their own. Most people need help, and we love helping people!

We meet with potential clients and begin to develop a strategy for their financial lives, we walk with you through the process, and we provide on-going financial education as long as you are a client.

Simply put, we put families on the road to Financial Freedom Town, where the air is a little cooler, the water is a little cleaner, the food tastes just a little bit better, and your favorite desserts have no calories (we may have stretched the truth on the no calorie thing)!

Please connect with us.

Our plan works!

Give us an opportunity to serve you!