Life Insurance

Life insurance is the foundation of every single personal or family financial plan we develop at Higgins and Halloran in Columbia, SC.

A life insurance policy assures the family of financial survival in the event of the unexpected death of a breadwinner. People tell us all the time, “I don’t need life insurance. I have life insurance through my employer.” That is not good enough. Why you ask? Because people change jobs and people get fired! When you change jobs, or you get let go, 99% of the time, you cannot take the life insurance with you. Thus, you leave your family unprotected until you secure another job. That is simply unacceptable. A life insurance policy outside of employer benefits then is the solution.

Worried about cost? Don’t be. Life insurance is very affordable, and we have relationships with more companies than you can imagine, while making sure we get you the best price. We will shop the market for you and present multiple proposals. Together, we will then decide what will suit you and your family best.

Not married yet? No problem…chances are you are very young, and the rates are even better when you are young. So, buy it now! A life insurance policy is less than that smart phone’s monthly bill, less than your internet/phone/cable bundle, way less than that fancy coffee you buy 4 times per week, and less than the night out on the town in you just spent with your friends.

Don’t think Life Insurance is important? Aside from supporting every sound financial plan we develop, when a family breadwinner dies unexpectedly life insurance:

  • replaces lost income
  • pays off the home
  • pays off any remaining debt (credit cards, cars, loans etc…)
  • can fund college for dependents
  • saves a devastated family

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