Home Insurance

Many people who purchase a home consider it the most significant investment of their lives. Should you sustain damage to your property, you'll need to have a reliable insurance agent in South Carolina to help you get back on your feet quickly. At Higgins & Halloran, we are committed to bringing you the protection you need with a comprehensive home insurance policy.

Our agency tailors a plan depending on where you live, what possessions you have, and what coverages you desire. You can't prepare for the unexpected, but you'll be glad knowing you have a solution if something happens out of your control. Our agents are trained to understand what works best based on your specific situation.

Understanding a Home Insurance Policy in South Carolina

You may not be familiar with a homeowner's insurance policy, especially if you're a first time owner. Here are a few aspects of an insurance policy to take into consideration:

  • Dwelling/Property Coverage- insurance for the structure of your home/structures like garages or sheds
  • Personal Belongings- coverage for items inside the home like furniture, electronics, clothing, or other personals
  • Liability Coverage/Medical Expenses- would help should someone get injured on the property for either legal or medical costs.
  • Temporary Living- would provide a suitable place to live should your home become uninhabitable from damages.

There might be other components you wish to consider on your home insurance coverage, but that's what we're here for. Our agency is dedicated to your happiness and well-being for the years to come.

Get A Homeowners Insurance Policy

Higgins & Halloran in Columbia, SC is your trusted contact for home insurance in South Carolina. If you would like additional information or an estimate for your home coverage, give our Columbia, SC office a call for a personalized approach!