Boat/Watercraft Insurance

A boat insurance policy is not mandatory in South Carolina but purchasing it as a boat operator or owner is a prudent move. It is estimated that there are about 125 boating accidents in South Carolina every year. Possessing a watercraft insurance policy in Columbia, SC will guarantee enjoyments in waters even more because you will not be worried about the safety of yourself, passengers, or your precious investment. When summer approaches in South Carolina, there is an upsurge of boating activities, but they come with unique risks. At Higgins & Halloran in Columbia, SC, we fully comprehend the boat owners' imminent risks. We are ready to keep them covered with salient customized insurance policies matching their needs and budget.

Boat insurance is a contractual agreement between you and your insurance company that covers you from suffering financial ruin if you are involved in a watercraft accident or a disaster that destroys your vessel. Watercraft insurance policy helps you enjoy peace of mind as you navigate your boat or personal watercraft on American waters. Did you know that 75% of boating accidents happen on clear days with good visibility? Boating enthusiasts know the thrilling effect of prevailing wind on your face on open waters.

If you spend a fair share of your time on boating episodes either professionally or recreationally, it's prudent to make sure that your liability and property concerns are adequately protected through a salient boat insurance policy. Visit us today at Higgins & Halloran offices in Columbia, SC to speak to our friendly and enthusiastic agents who will answer all your queries about boat insurance.

Types Of Boat Insurance Policies In South Carolina

  • Comprehensive coverage: This form of policy covers damage to your watercraft that is not related to a collision. The damage may arise from vandalism, hailstorm, and theft.
  • Collision coverage: Covers repairs for your boat if you are involved in an accident with another boat regardless of who is at fault. Your boat may also strike a submerged stump or boulder, and this policy will come into play.
  • Wreckage clean-up: This policy covers environmental clean-up such as oil spillage in the wake of a boating accident.
  • Liability insurance: This coverage covers third-party property damage as well as injuries caused after a collision, and you are deemed responsible.
  • Boat insurance property coverage: It helps to repair your boat after an accident. It caters to the replacement of your vessel if it is stolen. It's comprised of two categories:
    • Actual cash coverage.
    • Agreed amount coverage.

Protect your investment with boat insurance you can count on as a boat owner or operator. Call or visit us at Higgins & Halloran offices in Columbia, SC for more information about a boat insurance policy.