Umbrella Insurance

Higgins & Halloran Offers Umbrella Insurance

The folks at Higgins & Halloran in Columbia, SC want you to have sufficient insurance coverage for all aspects of your life and home. Umbrella insurance gives you additional liability coverage above the limits you already have. There are many times when umbrella insurance proves to be advantageous. If you spend time in South Carolina, we want to help you find the best coverage for your situation.

South Carolina operates under a "Shared Fault" rule. More than one involved party can be liable for an accident. Protect yourself from liability caused by unusual or weird accidents. For example, if someone rear-ends you, but one of your taillights is not working, you may share the fault of the "rear-ended" accident. Our knowledgeable agents understand South Carolina liability laws.

You should obtain Umbrella Insurance if any of the below factors apply to you:

  • high profile job - if you find yourself giving press conferences or issuing statements quoted by media
  • own or care for pets - in South Carolina, regardless of a pet's previous behavior, the owner or responsible party is "strictly liable" for injury and damages caused by the pet
  • have a swimming pool
  • host large or overnight parties
  • have teenagers or children in the household - umbrella insurance applies to all relatives in your household
  • own speed boat or high-end sports car
  • your wealth is evident to your local community - through your home, vehicles, or recreational habits

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Learn more about Umbrella Insurance at Higgins & Halloran in Columbia, SC. One of our insurance professionals is waiting for your call. We know what coverage you need to have sufficient umbrella insurance in South Carolina. Let us spend the time, make the comparisons, and provide you with the quotes. Visit us or contact our office today to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced insurance professionals.